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 IOMS Mission

it's all about people

Main objective of IOMS is to supply our Principals with properly qualified, suitably experienced and medically fit marine personnel to ensure safe ship operation and protection of the marine environment.

In order to achieve this objective, management has defined a set of goals which are as follows :

  • To man vessels with well qualified and skilled seafarers and to plan and implement training programs as required by national and international regulations and according to Principals’ special requirements.
  • To recruit and supply sea personnel of various nationalities dependent on flag trade and economic considerations.
  • To plan crew complement in a cost effective way without jeopardizing the safety and operational standard of the vessels.
  • To maintain a good and professional relationship with all relevant regulatory bodies.
  • To maintain and continuously improve our cooperation with, and services to the Principals based on formal and informal instruments laid down in Monsoon Safety / Quality Management System.
  • Key Feature of IOMS Manning Concept

    We focus our management efforts in four key elements that we believe are the basic structure of a Professional Manning Company. By providing our services along these four key elements, we will be able to provide the maximum value added services to our customers and seamen.

  • Selection and Recruitment Process
  • Training
  • Management Information
  • Quality System
  • With the 4 key elements in the IOMS manning concept, 5 core values are also adopted and followed by the company.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    - delivering quality & value added services to our principals

    Cost Effectiveness

    - providing crew & crewing services at minimal cost to owners


    - building trust & loyalty between principals, sea staff & our office to form cohesive organization

    Continuous Learning

    - keeping our sea staff & office staff knowledge & skills current with latest market developments, regulations & practices


    - be involved & motivated to achieve shared vision & values

    We are fully dedicated to providing crewing services and support and aim to attend to our principals and vessels needs promptly. The flexibility of our reliable and value added services allows our principals to use a reputable crew supply that best suits their requirement and needs.

    We are dedicated and committed to help companies build up a reliable pool of seaman for their fleet vessels through our extensive network of offices.